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Our strategic partners deliver exclusive and unique provider and payer perspectives on market and business validation, and offer direct access to clinical data, healthcare economics and commercial insights, big data, clinical trials, commercial pilots and follow-on investments, while acting as potential anchor customers – for value, far greater than the sum of its parts.
Patients as potential recruitment
Years of accumulated big data from EMRs
Hospitals in
Israel and US
Israel’s largest private network of hospitals and medical centers that has an extensive network of operating rooms, diagnosis and outpatient care across the country and also brings with it a global medical partnerships network.
Israel’s fastest growing and most highly digitalized HMO in Israel, with nearly 2.5 million members under management and EMRs from over 40 years of operations.
A Virginia-based healthcare organization, providing care to nearly 1M people in seven hospitals. It operates the Jefferson College of Health Sciences and a joint venture medical school and research institute with Virginia Tech University.
Leumi Partners is the investment arm of Leumi Group, with activities including Private Equity and investment banking.
Established in 1902, Leumi is Israel’s oldest banking corporation and one of the leading and largest corporations in the Middle East.
Consensus Business Group (CBG) is a UK-based multibillion-dollar investment group, owned by Vincent Tchanguiz. CBG tech investments span the full range of early to late stage technology companies, with significant focus on life sciences companies, funds and holding companies.
It is presently the largest private Biomed investor in Israel.