For me, it’s about bringing the most advanced technologies to the patient’s bedside


ALIVE delivers the most capital efficient model for HealthTech investors, offering high reward with relatively low risk, in a condensed investment journey
of 3-5 years


We leverage our ecosystem to drive and accelerate the long-term growth of Israel’s most promising HealthTech technologies


We evaluate the most promising companies and choose those with the highest chances to realize their potential and improve the quality of life for millions of people


Investing in expansion and growth of innovative companies is not the same as investing in innovation. The challenges and skill sets required are totally different

ALIVE is a pioneer mid-to-late stage HealthTech fund leveraging an exclusive ecosystem of strategic partners comprising leading hospital chains, HMOs and financial institutions to support and accelerate portfolio companies’ clinical and commercial expansion.

Where Synergy Drives Expansion

Our strategic partners empower our companies by creating opportunities

In-depth understanding

of clinical workflows
and procedures
and access to KOLs

Proven hands-on guidance

that advances clinical
and commercial
activities on a global scale

fit validation

under challenging health economics and evolving market trends

Strategic Partners

Our Portfolio